Lawn Maintenance

Weed Control

Losing the battle against stubborn weeds? Emerald Lawns can provide effective results with our lawn weed control service. Whether your lawn is competing with dandelions, clover, or any other uninvited plant, we’ll restore the look and health of your lawn in the shortest time possible.

When dealing with persistent weeds or other lawn problems, our methods are aimed at applying quick solutions to controlling weed growth. In addition, our wide range of services provides everything your lawn needs to stay healthy throughout the year, which improves its ability to outcompete weeds and fend off diseases.

Weed control

Disease Control

Even the healthiest lawn can get sick or suffer from a lawn disease. The severity is related to the environment and how the lawn is managed. Proper mowing, watering and fertilization is important in helping your lawn resist disease.

Dollar Spot is a disease that affects many grass species. It first appears like a cut, as it consumes the blade. Then a circle the size of a large coin becomes noticeable in the lawn. Dollar Spot occurs during periods of low soil moisture and low nitrogen fertility. To control Dollar Spot, maintain good soil fertility by using a quality lawn fertilizer, containing both fast and slow release nitrogen. Avoid mowing the lawn when it is wet and maintain a sharp mowing blade.

Red Thread is a fungal disease which is active when temperatures are in the 16 - 22 degree range, with extended periods of wet or very humid weather. Severe infestations will cause the lawn to have a pinkish cast due to the red filament which erupts from the grass blade. The severity of Red Thread in a lawn relates to low soil fertility.

To control Red Thread maintain good soil fertility using a quality lawn fertilizer containing both fast and slow release nitrogen. Avoid mowing the lawn when it’s wet and maintain a sharp mowing blade. Core aeration is also recommended to control thatch (the spongy layer between grass and ground) where disease organisms live.

Dry Patch is a soil borne disease that attacks lawns. The disease organisms attack and destroy grass roots in the spring. Heat and moisture stress occurs in early summer and circular rings often appear with a green centre, in the lawn.
To control Dry Patch aerate your lawn annually. Maintaining proper soil pH is also very important to help the lawn resist this disease. Avoid overwatering, as it depletes the soil of oxygen.

Fusarium is a fungal disease that occurs in lawns provided the perfect environment for it to develop are present. Lawns are generally well-watered, sheltered with a perfect high level of nitrogen present. Fusarium creates circular patches up to 20 cm in diameter. Fungal threads become visible and the blades of grass are light brown and often stick together. Fusarium patch can be controlled through different methods but the chemical method is the most widely used method.

Ways to Help Control These Diseases from Invading Your Lawn in Wellington

  • Avoid mowing the turf when it is wet
  • When Mowing, maintain a sharp blade
  • Use a quality lawn fertilizer to maintain good soil health
  • Have Dethatching done on your lawn to increase air circulation

Insect Control

Grass Grubs are the larval stage of several beetles. During their life cycle, they exist approximately two inches below the lawn surface, continuously feeding on the root system. Proactively treat your lawn for grubs with Emerald Lawns Preventative Grub Control. Grub damage is most likely to occur in the late summer and early autumn months. However, grubs can also be present and cause damage in the late spring. Grub activity is evident when you see birds scavenging in search of grubs to feed on. Damage may not be apparent until it is too late, requiring costly repair.

Emerald Lawns can provide the best treatment to help prevent damage before it occurs. A properly cared for garden adds both beauty and value to your home while it provides natural support for the environment. Emerald Lawns can help you create and maintain the quality garden you deserve, to enhance your home.

Porina and Sod Webworm are the caterpillar state of a common lawn moth. The night flying moths drop eggs from which the caterpillars hatch in the lawn, and begin to feed on grass plants almost immediately. Damaged areas have yellow patches of turf that may eventually turn brown and die. These pests are only active at night, chewing grass leaves, often severing the entire plant at the crown. During the day they retreat to silk lined tunnels in the thatch or soil. Birds flocking to your lawn to feed, may also indicate caterpillar activity. We can control these insect pests for you.

Argentine Stem Weevil, like other weevils, are distinguishable from beetles by their long snouts and produce legless grubs or larvae. Adults are small at about 5-10mm long and are grey/brown in colour, the larvae are creamy white. A pest of ryegrass in particular, with the larvae feeding within the grass stem whilst the adults feed on expanded leaves. The damage caused by adults is noticeable by the windows they chew in the leaves. Damage from Argentine Stem Weevil can occur throughout the warmer months from September through until late April.

Insect damage

Fertiliser and Wetting Agents

Wetting Agents are applied, the soil is more capable of freely absorbing the available water. This water is distributed more evenly through the soil, instead of forcing the water away from the root zone the soil will hold on to the water and allow it to be used for longer- great for dry seasons. At Emerald Lawns we can tailor make a fertiliser and wetting agent programme to keep your lawn at its best, without leaching unused nutrients.

New lawns


Our experience in lawn care allows us to tailor make an over-sowing solution for removing pests, scarifying, top dressing and seeding. We can give you a near new lawn for a fraction of the cost of other options for a lawn rebuild.

Renovation of lawns

Instant Lawn (Turf)

We source turf from all the best farms in New Zealand to meet your requirements and to give you the best instant impact for your garden. Options include preparing the soil, lay it for you or simply help you order the turf.

Turf 2


Your best lawn will be the result for sowing a new lawn. Once the new lawn is established, it will only improve more over time, as the grass plants are growing continually in the same soil, unlike turf. At Emerald Lawns we can assess your lawn area and suggest the best grass varieties for your location for a beautiful, lush new lawn.

Sowing new seed