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23 April 2020

We hope that you and your families have managed Level 4 with minimal disruption.

The upcoming months are a bit of an unknown for us all and things may change at any time.

At this stage, Emerald Lawns will be starting back at work on 4 May, albeit with a smaller than usual team. It will take us sometime to get back to regular maintenance.

Below are a few details on how we will resume work after lock down.

Stay well - Chris and the team at Emerald Lawns.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Emerald Lawns doing to protect its customers and team against COVID-19?

We are following advice from the Ministry of Health and the New Zealand Government regarding the COVID-19 situation.

On Wednesday, 25th of March 2020, we suspended all lawn mowing and garden services.

At COVID-19 Level 3, we will be able to resume work with a reduced team while adhering to the government health and safety guidelines.

Teams will use hand sanitiser at the start and finish of every job and maintain social distancing within their team bubble of 1 metre and on site at 2 metres should anyone approach.

How does a customer start a regular cutting cycle?

We would like to introduce an 'opt in' system for customers. Please contact us if you want to start your maintenance cycle again.

It will take us sometime to get back on track after being closed for a month and our first priorities will be the schools which open on 28 April.

When my service resumes, will I have to pay extra on the first cut?

If you have been able to maintain your lawn, there will be no extra cost to get your first cut done when we resume the service.

If there has been additional growth that has not been maintained, then it may cost more to bring it back into shape. The first time a lawn is cut after it has not been mowed for a while, you can expect it to not look as good as previous cuts.

It will take two to three more cuts to bring it back to your usual groomed standard.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

No cash will be accepted for work, to remain contact-less invoices will require online banking.

Where can I find more information about COVID-19? 

The centralised resource of information for New Zealanders on COVID-19 is

What else do I need to do?

As a New Zealander, it is important to do your part in helping eradicate this disease completely. Protect yourself and those around you by following the official guidelines on health, hygiene, social distancing, and self-isolation. Like everyone else, we are playing our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.